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Nic Francis

The 365’s help remind me of important things like eating enough protein, getting enough sleep and managing stress. These reminders have been helpful because I forget them. The messages have a simple and kind wit to them that feels authentic and genuinely helpful. I’ve really enjoyed them.

Chris Stoner

I love how the 365 Messages are a mix of many different topics. Just for an example…you have given mindset, food, supplements and exercise to name a few. I love how well rounded they are to give the mind, body, and spirit approach!! Thank you for all the great insight, knowledge, and experience you’re sharing with us. You’re creating amazing ripple effects.

Ernie Yarbrough

Tom’s 365 Messages have been a daily source of encouragement to eat right, workout faithfully and take an entire lifestyle approach of passionate responsibility to my own fitness and wellness. They are a welcomed daily source of wisdom and thought provocation that I look forward to!

Sandi R

Tom Nikkola’s 365 messages remind me daily to be diligent in my personal care. I am inspired to think through the big and small steps to caring for this God given body! It’s like having a personal coach encouraging me and reminding me that I am worth it.

Adam Astleford

Tom’s 365 Messages are simple, fact-based, and direct. I find that they challenge me to think harder about my fitness goals and help to keep me focused on making sustainable improvements.

Angie Wright

Tom’s messages provide daily motivation and information for living a healthier lifestyle. It is good information delivered in a quick manner with humor and wit included! Love the information!

Bruce R

Great short bits of information that make great sense. Appreciate the content and the format.

Mike Rizzo

Toms 365 messages have been both eye opening and inspiring. They are super short which is great since many of us don’t have time to read long articles daily. Keep them coming Tom!