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Help others join and stay on VIGOR and VIGORESS. Get paid as long as they remain members.

You've experienced VIGOR/VIGORESS. You've gotten great results. As others notice, they inevitably ask, "What have you been doing?"

While you'd probably recommend VIGOR and VIGORESS out of the goodness of your own heart, I want to pay you for your influence. You've earned it.

Enter the VIGOR(ESS) Referral Program. When you register for the program, you'll get access to personalized links which, when used to enroll in VIGOR or VIGORESS, will connect a new member to you, and you'll get paid as long as they remain members.

The following table outlines the monthly membership rates, and the referral commission percentage when they register through you.

Program / Product Fee Commission %
VIGOR(ESS) Training $29 per month 30%
VIGOR(ESS) Premium $199 per month 30%
VIGOR(ESS) Custom $599 per month 20%
Keto Ebook $9.99 (one time) 50%

You will have access to the VIGOR and VIGORESS links about two weeks prior to registration, and through the close of registration each registration period (typically three times per year).


To be approved for this program, you must be an active VIGOR or VIGORESS member. I do not want someone recommending VIGOR or VIGORESS who is not using it themselves.

You will also need a PayPal account to complete the registration process, so I can pay you.

Your registration will be reviewed after you submit it. Approval is at my discretion. If you're approved, you're considered an "affiliate," and represent my brand so I take this seriously. Although you'd have an opportunity to earn a significant income over time, I don't want the referral program to simply be "about the money."


Click the button below and complete the simple registration form.