Who’s concerned about our children’s and grandchildren’s future?

What kind of country will America be when our grandchildren grow up? How will my choices today shape that future 20 years from now?

I frequently ask myself these two questions, especially with the country’s direction as of late.

Though Communism is still an ideology of the minority here and abroad, its power grows in strength with each stroke of President Biden’s pen and Mainstream Media’s propaganda.

As Abraham Lincoln pointed out long before becoming the President, if America is to be destroyed, its own people will destroy it. His words have never seemed more prophetic.

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

Abraham Lincoln, Lyceum Address, 1838

As a grandparent, I’m afraid of what the world could be once our grandson becomes an adult.

In the past, it made sense to leave the politics to the politicians. But today, the politicians want to rewrite the constitution and dictate health policy, morality, and have the state become the church.

That’s too close to Communism to ignore.

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Is Communism really a concern for our country?

President Trump said that America would never become a socialist nation. Communism is even worse. Isn’t it a little extreme to think that could happen here? Not anymore.

As W. Cleon Skousen wrote in The Naked Communist, ‘When Karl Marx was asked what his objective in life was, he said, “To dethrone God and destroy capitalism!’”

The utopian society Communism promises comes at a cost. It requires the dismantling (you’ve been hearing politicians use that word a lot lately) of everything in a society that’s based on capitalism, Christian values, and individual thought.

A successful Communist society eliminates those who disagree and does away with freedom of speech and thought.

How would that happen? Through their different writings, Marx, Engles, and Stalin outlined the process, which sounds vaguely familiar when you consider current events.

They (Marx and Engles) felt it could be done in three steps:

First, by wiping out the old order. “There is but one way of simplifying, shortening, concentrating the death agony of the old society as well as the bloody labor of the new world’s birth—Revolutionary Terror.”

Second, the representatives of the working class must then set up a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Joseph Stalin described the things which must be accomplished during this period of the dictatorship:

  1. Completely suppress the old capitalist class.
  2. Create a mighty army of “defense” to be used “for the consolidation of the ties with the proletarians of other lands, and for the development and the victory of the revolution in all countries.”
  3. Consolidate the unity of the masses in support of the Dictatorship.
  4. Establish universal socialism by eliminating private property and preparing all mankind for the ultimate adoption of full Communism.

Third, the final step is the transition from socialism to full Communism.

Socialism is characterized by state ownership of land and all means of production. Marx and Engels believed that after a while, when class consciousness has disappeared and there is no further resistance to be overcome, the state will gradually wither away and then property will automatically belong to all mankind “in common.”

Later Lenin explained how the Dictatorship of the Proletariat would pave the way for this final phase. He said the dictatorship would be “an organization for the systematic use of violence by one class against the other, by one part of the population against another….

But, striving for Socialism, we are convinced that it will develop further into Communism, and, side by side with this, there will vanish all need for force, for the subjection of one man to another, of one section of society to another, since people will grow accustomed to observing the elementary conditions of social existence without force and without subjection.”

Even in the latter stages of Socialism, Lenin visualized a world without courts, lawyers, judges, rulers, elected representatives or even policemen. All these would be swept down into the limbo of forgotten and useless appendages which characterized the old order of decadent capitalism.

Skousen, W. Cleon. The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism and Restoring Freedom (pp. 95-96). Izzard Ink Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

What would crushing capitalism and dethroning God involve?

Economic collapse, the encouragement of immoral behavior, doing away with the nuclear family, and the encouragement of lawlessness acted out on those who oppose the cultural shift.

It’s happening faster now than ever, which is why I fear the future our grandson may live in if we don’t stop it.

Immorality and the Mocking of God

Just before COVID-19 came along, Drag Queen Storytelling made its way across the country. Numerous public libraries promoted it as a family-friendly event.

Think about that for just a moment…taking a child to hear stories told by a man dressed as a woman, and suggesting it’s “family-friendly.” That’s one way to normalize immoral behavior and chip away at the nuclear family.

Many public schools are starting to include transgender issues in their curriculum. Joe Biden even stated he supported the gender reassignment of an eight-year-old.

On top of that, teachers in some public schools teach kids that those born with white skin are inherently racist, as though it’s some genetic defect. Like confessing your sin and asking for forgiveness from God, you’re supposed to confess your whiteness and ask for forgiveness from others.

And let’s not forget about the brewing effort to normalize pedophilia or the effort to “codify” abortion, which kills more than 600,000 babies in the U.S. each year.

What could this turn into in 20 years?

If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Matthew 18:6

Fabricating Unfairness

There’s much about the world that’s unfair and unjust. There’s lots of “bad” stuff and circumstances. Even still, the world is better in almost every measurable way it could be, and good people have a desire to keep making it better.

Unfortunately, we’re suckers for anything that triggers our negativity instinct, the instinct to notice the bad more than the good. As Hans Rosling explains in his book Factfulness, our negativity instincts get triggered by “the misremembering of the past; selective reporting by journalists and activists; and the feeling that as long as things are bad it’s heartless to say they are getting better.”

Power-hungry politicians want nothing more than us to believe we’re a country of oppressors and oppressed, advantaged and disadvantaged, the righteous and the deplorables.

When you look at the facts, the gaps and divides aren’t close to the size suggested. And they’re getting smaller with time.

But the more the media talks about them, the more we see them.

Those politicians and their marketers, the Mainstream Media, leverage the Badder-Meinhof Phenomenon to reinforce the belief that things are bad and getting worse.

They show one-sided stories of cops “attacking” criminals and skip all the stories that show them saving people’s lives to help people hate the cops.

They pick out a racist asshole in a Trump shirt to make people believe all Trump supporters are racist to help people hate all who voted for Trump.

They show all the celebrities getting the COVID-19 vaccine and ignore the thousands of people who’ve died, and tens of thousands who the vaccine has injured already to help people hate those who say “no” to the vaccine.

Rather than thinking for themselves, too many adults take the talking heads’ words and views as truth.

They don’t think for themselves. They let the media do it for them.

If we remain passive about this, our children and grandchildren will simply adopt the government and MSM dogma and put little to no effort into thinking for themselves.

Protection of Feelings

Very little of the current administration’s focus has been on national and international policies that ensure the United States remains strong and successful. Instead, most of what they’re focusing on revolves around how one group of people feels based on another group’s actions, words, or policies.

For example, President Biden signed an executive order forcing schools to accept athletes on the girls’ teams who were once boys. Those individuals get to compete against biological girls with a well-proven, significant physical advantage. They also get to bathe in the girl’s locker room and use the girl’s bathroom.

If everyone remains quiet, this change will be forced upon girls. At a minimum, it eliminates their chance to compete not just for a state championship but also for a much needed and hard-earned scholarship. It also crosses a line of privacy that I can’t imagine the average father being okay with.

There’s a time to politely smile and quietly disagree. This isn’t one of them.

The will to be polite, to maintain civility and normalcy, is fearfully strong. I wonder sometimes how much evil is permitted to run unchecked simply because it would be rude to interrupt it.

Alix E. Harrow, The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Like many things in life, you can’t have it both ways. In this case, changing genders should disqualify someone from competing with the opposite biological sex. It would seem the desire to change genders is about more than competing in sports, so one could accept that reality and move on with life. Choosing to feel like that’s unfair is still a choice.

Until recently, kids learned to deal with difficult people and circumstances. In most cases, they ignored the offenders and moved on with life.

Though they knew it wasn’t easy, parents didn’t attempt to jump in and protect them from every hurt feeling. Today, though, parents jump in to protect their kids’ feelings, colleges jump in to protect the feelings of their students, and the government is jumping in to protect the feelings of its people.

We need to model suckituptitude for our kids and get over the fear of offending someone else with our candor.

In life, you allow others to hurt your feelings. Your feelings are yours, so holding onto hurt feelings is a choice.

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How will this choice affect my children’s or grandchildren’s future?

The challenge with thinking about the distant future it that it’s distant. We may not be around when it takes place.

That didn’t change the choices of those who formed the United States. It didn’t change the decisions of those who lost their lives in the Civil War to end slavery or who went to war to beat Hitler.

It hasn’t stopped people throughout history who saw the lives of their children and grandchildren as more important than their own.

Most of us don’t need to put our lives on the line to protect those futures. We might need to give up some short-term conveniences.

For example, Vanessa and I plan to take our grandson to Florida.

Though we’ve flown a lot over the past ten years, we didn’t even discuss the possibility. We will drive for three days instead of flying for three hours.

First, we don’t want to take him through the disturbing environment of thousands of people wearing masks.

Second, we don’t want to play a role in normalizing mask-wearing. If we succumb to it now, especially when there is little evidence to support its use, what will masking up become 20 years from now when he’s a young adult.

We’ll face a lot of those decisions in the years to come. Some will be small inconveniences, and no doubt, others will be more significant sacrifices.

But then again, if the choice results in a better future, is it really a sacrifice anyway?

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Unmasked. Unmuzzled. Unvaccinated. Unafraid.

Make a statement without saying a word.

Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash