Get Lumberjacked!

Join the 12-Week Lumberjacked Challenge and make yourself a billboard for the products and lifestyle YL represents.

Must be a male YL Member to participate.

August–October 2022

What’s this thing all about?

Get stronger. Take some risks. Develop stamina. Build muscle you can see through a flannel shirt. Make yourself a billboard for the products and lifestyle YL represents.

The only thing that’ll keep you from getting started is an excuse.

How it Works

By joining the Lumberjacked challenge, you’ll become a VIGOR Training member, which gives you access to:

  • VIGOR Strength Athlete strength and conditioning workouts, with demo videos, set and rep recommendations, and progress tracking
  • Nutrition targets (calories and protein, based on your body and goals)
  • Nutrition & lifestyle habit tracking
  • In-app group messaging
  • 2-way support-related messaging with Tom
  • Progress photo and bodyweight measurement reminders

In addition, the 12-week challenge adds:

  • Exclusive in-app Lumberjacked group and group messaging for friendly competition, camaraderie, and accountability
  • Weekly “Surprise Challenge”
  • Giveaways based on compliance, participation, or progress

We strongly recommend a gym membership or a basic home gym setup, with a squat rack, bench, dumbbells, and a barbell with plates.

Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to the VIGOR Strength Athlete programming, but the Lumberjacked challenge runs August 8-October 30.

Cost: $19.50 per month for the three months (50% off the normal VIGOR Training rate). This rate is for new VIGOR Training members only. Those who like the results they’re getting can continue with VIGOR Training at the normal rate after the challenge ends.

DON’T WAIT! The first 20 who join also get a complimentary nutrition coaching session. That’s a $99 value!

As of 10pm, 7/27, there are only 4 left! Hurry up and join!

Other Potential Questions

Can I join the challenge if I’m following a different strength & conditioning program?

Absolutely. You can use the nutrition, habit tracking, and participate in the group and surprise challenges while following your current training program.

I don’t have any equipment at home and don’t have a gym membership. What should I do?

See if a friend would let you use their equipment. Join a gym. Look on Craig’s List and find someone who’s selling theirs.

What kind of giveaways are you talking about?

The giveaways are TBD, and will partially be based on the number of men who join the challenge.

I have a friend who really needs this, but he’s not a Young Living member. How can he join?

Have him order Master Formula and NingXia Greens so he becomes a member, and then have him join the challenge.

I have a torn bicep, bad knees, or a hangnail. Can I still do the workouts?

Yes! I’ve rarely met a man who couldn’t work out because of an injury or ailment. In most cases, these are just excuses. In reality, avoiding exercise because of an injury only makes it take longer to recover. You can do most of the workout with minor modifications if you have a lame limb or chronic pain.

And, as I often tell people, when you train with the right intensity, following a professionally-designed program, you’ll often be sore, sometimes get hurt, and on occasion, get injured. The only way you avoid this is by choosing a lifestyle that leads to weakness, illness, and accelerated aging. But in the short term, it might cause less discomfort.

If you’re afraid of developing calluses, enduring some muscle soreness, or testing your physical limits, this challenge would not be for you.

*Note: This challenge is not recommended by or promoted by Young Living. The intent is only to get the men who are part of that community rallied around an effort to make them stronger, leaner, and better billboards for the brand they may represent.