VIGOR Commitment 1 | The Cornerstone of Long-Lasting Health and Fitness | Tom Nikkola

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Don’t waste your workouts. Fine-tune your diet, supplement plan, and lifestyle so you do more than burn calories at the gym…you build a stronger, fitter, more resilient body and mind.

Coaching options

Whether you do a single session, or a 6-session package, during our coaching session, we’ll:

  • Review your nutrition, lifestyle, supplement, and exercise habits
  • Identify obstacles between your current habits and your goals
  • Create a strategy to get you better results, faster, in the face of whatever you’re dealing with
  • Address any other questions or concerns related to your nutrition, lifestyle, or training
Single Session
Great if you need an occasional modification to your program, an update on your supplement protocol, or a straightforward plan you’re sure you’ll follow on your own.

6-Session Package
The 6-session package allows us to work through a progressive plan with your nutrition and lifestyle habits to make sure you keep progressing toward your goals. Usually completed with bi-weekly sessions, but can be used however you’d like. Session rate is at 10% discount.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t find value from our coaching session, contact me within 48 hours after it. I’ll give you a full refund on the session.