VIGOR Training Pro

$49.00 / month

The VIGOR Training Pro membership includes all-access to VIGOR Training programs, plus a 35% discount on all product orders through my Wellevate practitioner dispensary.


VIGOR Training Pro Includes:

  • Access to all time-based training programs, including:
    • Athlete-in-Training Phase I & Phase II (perfect for entry-level)
    • Rags & Mud
    • Road Warrior
    • ACFT
  • Access to programming for ongoing teams:
    • VIGOR Weight Loss
    • VIGOR Everyday Athlete
    • VIGOR Strength Athlete
  • Access to cutting edge training app, which includes your training program, video and written exercise tutorials, logging of your training session, and messaging with your team
  • Ability to post your videos and get feedback on form in the Facebook group
  • 35% discount on orders through my Wellevate practitioner dispensary