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Is Milk or Other Dairy Good Or Bad For You?

"Is dairy good or bad for you?" Post that question to social media and you'll find so much debate about this food group, that you might mistake it for a political campaign. On the pro-dairy side, you'll see answers such as: "I've been drinking a gallon of...

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Why Corporate Wellness Programs Don’t Work

$8 billion. That's how much is spent on corporate wellness programs each year in the United States. Sadly, it seems that enormous amount of money doesn't actually improve employee wellness. And it doesn't save companies money either. Most of the time,...

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The Ultimate Guide To Keto

Keto is the diet of the decade. As with many things in nutrition, the ketogenic diet is surrounded by myths, misinformation, and exaggeration. The truth about keto is that it's better than the alarmists would have you believe, and not the panacea that...

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