Super EPA by Thorne

Thorne Super EPA

Super EPA by Thorne

Thorne Super EPA is a high-quality, EPA and DHA, fish oil supplement. Fish oil supports normal inflammation levels, healthy cognitive and cardiovascular function, enhances mood, and supports normal insulin levels.* The fish oil does not contain detectable levels of mercury, and comes from anchovies.

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Health Benefits of Super EPA Fish Oil

The health benefits of fish oil are well documented. However, not all fish oil is the same. To get the most benefit, while minimizing health risk, there are a few things you should know.

Summary of Health Benefits

The following is a quick summary of the researched health benefits of increasing fish oil intake:

  • Enhances Fat Loss*
  • Supports Healthy Lipids and Blood Glucose*
  • Increases Lean Body Mass and Strength*
  • Supports Healthy Inflammation Levels and Immune Function*
  • Improves Nutrient Delivery To Cells*
  • Supports Brain Function*
  • Reduces psychological distress*
  • Reduces some symptoms of depressed mood*
  • Enhances eye health*
  • Improves skin health*
  • May reduce the occurrence of infant allergies if used during pregnancy*
  • May reduce chest pain (acute coronary syndrome)*

For more of the details on these benefits, read Fish Oil: Health Benefits of Supplementing for Your Body and Brain.

Quality and Purity

The fish oil in Super EPA comes from anchovies, which are small fish that have low levels of mercury and PCBs to begin with. However, the fish oil is also molecularly distilled to ensure it is free of cholesterol, PCBs and mercury. It also includes mixed tocopherols to help keep the oil from oxidizing.

Super EPA Ingredients and Suggested Use

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions I get from members of my online fitness training program, Facebook group members, or blog readers. These are my answers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Thorne.

How much fish oil should I take each day?

Most of the research showing the benefits mentioned above have participants taking one to two grams of EPA/DHA per day, or two to six fish oil softgels.

Conservative recommendations for daily DHA and EPA intake range from one to four grams.

That said, some practitioners recommend much higher intakes for short periods of time, to offset the negative effects of a diet too high in omega-6 fats.

Could I just eat more fish to get my omega-3s?

A typical salmon steak contains about one gram of EPA and DHA, so if your diet consisted of mostly salmon, it would be possible. However, that’s improbably, so supplementation makes sense for most people.

Should I take Super EPA on an empty stomach or with food?

Take it with food.