The VKTM Virus: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Prevention

What is the VKTM virus? What are the symptoms? Can you prevent VKTM? Is there a cure? Here are the main things you need to know about this virus.

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Description: The VKTM virus is a curable “disease” that affects a significant number of people. The virus acts on individuals’ minds to shift their perspectives from seeing life as something they actively participate in, to a state of life happening to them.

Commonly seen in children, teens, and young adults, VKTM can affect people of any age. 

VKTM is transferred to others through spoken and written language coming from those with the virus. Extended or repeated periods of complaining heighten the risk of contracting the virus.

Those with the VKTM virus have difficulty taking ownership of circumstances that challenge their happiness and wellbeing.

Symptoms: Regular use of phrases such as they always, she never, this always happens to me, it’s my lot in life, nobody ever, etc.

Use of such phrases is intended to transfer responsibility or blame to someone or something else, leaving the “host” of the virus feeling helpless to change its circumstances.

Those with VKTM may also perceive others’ successes as luck, good fortune, or some other ability that they could “never” possess.

In extreme cases, VKTM victims may actually feel the world is out to get them or work against them.

Diagnosis: Self-diagnosis has become more and more common with the use of the internet. It is never recommended to self-diagnose anything, especially the VKTM virus.

Because VKTM creates a distorted perspective of the world, those with VKTM have a difficult time seeing the symptoms in themselves.

To determine if you have the VKTM virus, getting friends or family members to confidentially share their insights may help. Of course, it is important not to ask those who already have the VKTM virus, as their perspective is already distorted. They may not be able to provide you with objective feedback.

It may also be helpful to identify how many things in your life you blame others for, versus those you take responsibility for. If you don’t feel a strong sense of responsibility for the challenges you face, it may be an indication of the virus. Again, though, self-diagnosis is not recommended.

Prognosis: If the VKTM virus is left unchecked, it can lead to stunted personal growth, reduced fulfillment, alienation, and and a reduced likelihood of reaching one’s full potential.

Though the VKTM virus is not life-threatening, it can leave one feeling lifeless or joyless.

Prevention/Cure: Preventing the VKTM virus can be achieved by building up the responsibility response system.

The responsibility response system is an unconscious process that becomes dormant when the VKTM virus is overly active. However, through repeated, conscious claims of responsibility, the system can eventually overpower the VKTM virus.

Because the VKTM virus is highly contagious, surrounding oneself with others with the virus makes an individual highly susceptible. Ear plugs, or listening to loud music may help, but it may also be seen as socially unacceptable.

Surrounding oneself with those who have a strong responsibility response system can eliminate the virus in time.

To avoid any misunderstanding, I suppose I should state that the VKTM virus isn’t a real virus. Though being the victim can lead to real problems.

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