Get stronger, outside and in.

One membership. Access to all the training programs.



30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Join VIGOR Training. If you don’t love it, let me in your first 30 days. I’ll cancel and refund your membership. 

Tom…..this week of training has been incredible. I have “lifted” for the past 15 years. This week was the first time I ever felt like I actually “trained”. It was a humbling yet invigorating week. I’m excited to progress in your system and look forward to how 40 years old is gonna look on me!!! 

Jesse Johnson

VIGOR Training is the culmination of my 20 years as a fitness professional.

Using a cutting-edge app, I’m able to deliver a proven training system that fits your schedule. Show up at the gym, open your app, and I’ll show you what to do.

VIGOR Training is a training program, not a collection of random workouts designed for you “entertrainment.”

Each training session each week builds upon what you’ve done in the past, and considers what’s coming up in the future.

Some months, you’ll focus on building muscle. Other months, the main focus will be athletic movements. Still others will primarily build strength.

Just like an athlete’s program varies throughout the year, your’s should too. That way, you’ll make progress month-after-month while minimizing the risk of injury or boredom.

With one membership, you get access to all VIGOR Training plans. No matter where you’re starting or where you’re going, I’ve got a training plan designed just for you.

I like that I’m the lightest I’ve been in 20 years, but I love that I’ve never been this strong. I feel great and my wife loves it too, so that’s a huge bonus!

Jeremiah McLean


All of the following programs are included with your VIGOR Training membership. When you’re ready for something new, you simply add your access codes to start the next training plan. The majority of VIGOR Training members follow VIGOR Everyday Athlete and VIGOR Strength Athlete.



Best for Beginners

Frequency: 3-4 days per week

Primary goals: Improve training technique. Build strength and mobility.

Program Length: 12 weeks for each phase

VIGOR Everyday Athlete

Best for Intermediates

Training Experience: 1 year of consistent training or completion of AIT Phases II or I & II

Frequency: 4-5 days per week.

Primary goals: Improve fitness, body composition, and conditioning.

This is an ongoing program, so you’d be following along with other VIGOR Training members.

VIGOR Strength Athlete

Best for Intermediates to Experienced

Training Experience: 1 year of consistent training or six months of training in VIGOR Everyday Athlete.

Frequency: 4-6 days per week.

Primary goals: Strength, power, speed and mobility while steadily improving body composition.

This is an ongoing program, so you’d be following along with other VIGOR Training members.

Additional Training Programs

Additional Program Options Included With Your VIGOR Training Membership

Rags & Mud: 12-week training plan to prep for an adventure race like the Tough Mudder or Ragnar Run

Road Warrior: Short-term fill-in plan for traveling with minimal equipment.

Army Combat Fitness Test: 12-week program to prep for the new ACFT (this plan is free for service men and women).

For VIGOR Training, you’ll need standard gym equipment, such as barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, benches, and some cable machines and bands/tubing.

All sessions take 40-80 minutes, but most are about an hour.

I came into VIGOR Training without any real experience to weight training. The results in percent body fat loss, skeletal muscle gain, and overall weight loss have been life-changing.

Nathan Charlan


Know what to do.

When you get to the gym, your workout will be waiting. Just open your app and follow the directions.

How to do it.

Your app doesn’t just have sets and reps. I’ve also selected or recorded videos and/or written directions to ensure you do the movement as perfectly as possible.

Train by yourself.

You don’t need to wait for a trainer or training buddy. Just get started, and try to outdo what you’ve done before.

But don’t train alone.

Use the in-app messaging to stay engaged with other VIGOR Training members. Post your scores to the leaderboard (when it’s included) to see how you perform against others, and cheer others one.

Go to the gym. Open your app. Follow the directions. Log your session.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Join VIGOR Training. If you don’t love it, let me in your first 30 days. I’ll cancel and refund your membership. 

This mom, career woman and coach appreciates how organized and user the friendly each workout is. If you don’t know a movement is, there is a video right there to watch to gain a clear understanding of how to perform it properly.

Kristin Matthees

Owner and Founder, The Seven Lifestyle


Why do I need to enter a credit card for the 30-day trial?

Though you’re in a “trial period” you’re set up as a full-fledged member. I set it up this way so you would have everything the other members have access to, and make sure there were no hiccups between your free 30 days and the rest of your membership when you keep going.

I also figured that if someone wasn’t willing to take the time to set up their account and enter a credit card, they probably weren’t committed enough to give the membership a real “trial.” 

Are there sport-specific or training-specific programs?

In addition to the programs listed above, VIGOR Training members also get access to:

  • Rags & Mud – A 12-week training plan to prepare for an adventure race like the Tough Mudder or Ragnar Run
  • VIGOR ACFT – A 12-week training plan to prep for the Army Combat Fitness Test
  • Road Warrior – A short-term program when a hotel gym or cruise ship gym is all you have access to

Do you design the training plans yourself, or are they generic "canned" programs?

I design all the training plans myself. That’s why it’s worth at least $29 per month, instead of using a generic app with no intelligence behind it for $10 a month.

I also use the VIGOR(ESS) Strength Athlete plan for my own training. I stay a week ahead of the rest of the team so I can make sure I set up the plan correctly.

Is the training gender-specific?

No. The training programs are the same for men and women.


If I don't want to join a gym, can I still do the program?

To get the most out of VIGOR Training, you need:

  • Barbell
  • Plates with weights totalling at least 200 lbs to start with
  • Dumbbells up to at least 50 lbs to start with
  • Squat rack with pull-up attachement
  • Adjustable bench

Though you can probably find all of this equipment for a good deal on Craig’s list, I strongly recommend joining a gym. You’re more likely to follow through with your training plan when you’re around other people getting fit.

Do I have to sign up for multiple months or do some sort of contract?

Nope. Your membership is month-to-month, so if you want to cancel, just contact me at least 48 hours before your next charge processes.

Down 64 pounds and counting this year with the help and guidance of this program! The workouts within VIGOR Training are very well planned, efficient, and super effective. Tom takes all planning and guesswork out of the equation, and has provided a tool that easily tracks my daily progress. The program is easy to follow. All I have to do is show up and put in the work that is laid out for me on gym day.

Ryan Gentry


I can do it on my own time and pace, and I am seeing great results. Tom is extremely helpful and quick to respond on Facebook to any questions people from this amazing VIGORESS group have.

Nikki Coleman

Still have questions?

I really appreciate all of the effort you’ve gone through to create this program. I’m feeling and looking better than I have since I played sports in high school!

Greg Ames

VIGOR Training Supports Military Families

As of May 1, 10% of VIGOR Training monthly membership revenues are donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation to support military families.