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Build physical and mental strength, resilience, and fortitude.

The world needs you to be at your best, now more than ever. Join VIGOR Training and get stronger from the outside, in.

For a limited time, your membership includes one nutrition coaching session with Tom ($119 value).

Tom Nikkola VIGOR Training

The fundamentals of fitness never change. Your schedule and access to the gym often do.

No matter your age or fitness level, your body needs resistance training.

I’ve designed VIGOR Training to help you get stronger, week-after-week, year-after-year. And while I want you to train in the gym or a full home gym whenever possible, I also offer at-home training for the times when that isn’t possible.

Your mind follows your body, so if you want to be all-around strong, VIGOR Training will help you get there.

See what members are saying.

Down 64 pounds and counting this year with the help and guidance of this program! The workouts within VIGOR Training are very well planned, efficient, and super effective. Tom takes all planning and guesswork out of the equation, and has provided a tool that easily tracks my daily progress. The program is easy to follow. All I have to do is show up and put in the work that is laid out for me on gym day.


Ryan Gentry

This mom, career woman and coach appreciates how organized and user the friendly each workout is. If you don’t know a movement is, there is a video right there to watch to gain a clear understanding of how to perform it properly.


Kristin Matthees

I came into VIGOR Training without any real experience to weight training. The results in percent body fat loss, skeletal muscle gain, and overall weight loss have been life-changing.


Nathan Charlan

This week of training has been incredible. I have “lifted” for the past 15 years. This week was the first time I ever felt like I actually “trained”. It was a humbling yet invigorating week. I’m excited to progress in your system and look forward to how 40 years old is gonna look on me!!!


Jesse Johnson

I like that I’m the lightest I’ve been in 20 years, but I love that I’ve never been this strong. I feel great and my wife loves it too, so that’s a huge bonus!


Jeremiah McLean

With your VIGOR Training membership, you get…

  1. Access to all VIGOR Training teams and programs, so you can change your plan when your goals change
  2. Personalized supplement plan and nutrition guidance
  3. Loyalty gifts you’ll absolutely love
  4. Community support from your VIGOR Training team members through in-app chat and the VIGOR Training Facebook group
  5. 28 Days quick start diet e-book
  6. Limited-time bonus: 45-minute One-on-One Consultation / Coaching Session ($125 value)
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Professional programming meets top-notch technology

  • Daily “readiness” questionnaire to track trends in stress levels, recovery, and energy levels
  • Periodized training program: Annual programming with 6-12 week training blocks based on specific fitness goals (i.e. strength, conditioning, lean mass, speed, power, etc.)
  • Exercise, set, rep prescriptions: Specified training variables to make ensure you get the results expected in each training session
  • Training history record: Sets and reps are saved after recording them for reference during future training sessions to help ensure you push yourself beyond past performances 
  • Video/written exercise demos and instructions
Screenshots of exercise recommendation and tutorial video

Included Teams and Programs

VIGOR Strength Athlete

Primary goals: Strength, power, speed and mobility while steadily improving body composition
Training frequency: 4-6 days per week
Time commitment: 50-70 minutes per session
Equipment needed: Standard gym equipment, such as barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, benches, cables, some machines, kettlebells, bands/tubing, and other accessories

VIGOR Everyday Athlete

Primary goals: Improved body composition and conditioning while maintaining muscle mass and strength
Training frequency: 4-5 days per week
Time commitment: 40-60 minutes per training session
Equipment needed: Standard gym equipment, such as barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, benches, cables, some machines, kettlebells, bands/tubing, and other accessories


Primary goals: Build strength and conditioning with minimal equipment. Perfect while gyms are closed or inaccessible.
Training frequency: 3-4 days per week
Time commitment: 40-60 minutes per session
Equipment needed: Resistance bands, a couple of kettlebells, and adjustable rings would suffice.

Additional Programs

Athlete-In-Training: 3-6 month base strength and fundamental movement program. Perfect for those who’ve never trained with free weights.
Rags & Mud: 12-week training program to prep for an adventure race.
Road Warrior: Short-term program for training while traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not thrilled with VIGOR Training during your first 30 days, I’ll give you a full refund.