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Member Help

Find answers to the most common VIGOR Training questions.

App Questions

How do I set up the VIGOR(ESS) app?

You received an email with the instructions for setting up your app right after registering. If you didn’t see it, check your junk or promotions folder.

If you still don’t see it, click the button below to request the setup instructions again. You should receive the email within ten minutes.


Can I log other training sessions I do?

No. The app is designed for coaches to deliver specific training plans to their athletes, not to track other workouts or training sessions.

Program Questions

What is the difference between a team and a program?

VIGOR Strength Athlete (VSA) and VIGOR Everyday Athlete (VEA) are the core to VIGOR Training program. They are considered teams, in that they’re ongoing programs, and those who follow these teams do the same training sessions on the same days, all over the world. Most VIGOR Training members are on one of these teams.

However, the VSA and VEA teams are not appropriate for everyone.

For novice strength trainers, or those with more of a sport-specific training goal, one of the VIGOR Training “Programs” may be more appropirate.

Novices should start with VIGOR Athlete-In-Training Phase I and/or Phase II, which build a foundation for the programming in VEA and VSA.

Others may wish to jump off a team to train for a Tough Mudder, the Army Combat Fitness Test, or another specifc event that has an associated training program for it.

If you’re ever in doubt, ask in the VIGOR (men) or VIGORESS (women) Facebook group.

Which team or program should I join?

The following are some recommendations and guidelines to help you decide. Of course, you’re free to train on a team for a while to see if it’s a good fit, and switch to a different team at any time if you decide that it isn’t.

VIGOR Athlete-In-Training Phase I [Program]

  • For novices with no experience weight training, or at least five years since following a consistent strength training program.
  • Primary goals: Build strength training foundation. Improve functional strength, mobility, and body composition.
  • Training frequency: 3-4 days per week

VIGOR Athlete-In-Training Phase II [Program]

  • For those who have followed a consistent strength training program, but it’s been 1-5 years, or those who just completed Athlete-In-Training Phase I.
  • Primary goals: Build strength training foundation. Improve functional strength, mobility, and body composition.
  • Training frequency: 3-4 days per week

VIGOR Everyday Athlete (VEA) [Team]

  • Training experience: 1 year of consistent training leading up to registering for VIGOR Training, or completion of the “Athlete-in-Training” Phase II.
  • Primary goals: Improve body composition, lean mass, and functional strength
  • Training frequency: 4-5 days per week

VIGOR Strength Athlete (VSA) [Team]

  • Training experience: At least 1 year of consistent training leading up to registering for VIGOR Training, or completion in “Athlete-in-Training” plus six months on Everyday Athlete team.
  • Primary goals: Strength, power, speed and mobility while steadily improving body composition
  • Training frequency: 4-6 days per week with some “homework” on occasion, outside of training sessions

VIGOR Rags And Mud [Program]

  • Training experience: Recommended to follow either VEA or VSA for six months before following this program.
  • Primary goals: Prepare for an adventure race, such as a Ragnar Run or Tough Mudder
  • Training frequency: 6 days per week

VIGOR Training ACFT [Program]

  • Training experience: Recommended (but not required) at least 6 months of VEA or VSA, or other regular, intense training experience.
  • Primary goals: Significant improvement in stregnth, conditioning, and to prepare for the Army Combat Fitness Test
  • Training frequency: 5-6 days per week

How do I change teams?

If you do not have the current access codes, request them by clicking on the button above. Once you have the access codes, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your app.
  2. Click on your initials in the lower right corner.
  3. Click on the “preferences icon” in the upper right corner.
  4. Click on “Teams & Programs”
  5. Click on “Add team or program”
  6. Enter your access code and click on “Submit Code”
  7. Click on your training calendar icon in the bottom left
  8. Pull down on your screen to refresh it, and you should see your new team on your training calendar

I’m following the Athlete In Training Program and don’t see anymore workouts. What happened?

Athlete-in-Training, phases 1 and 2 are 12-week programs. Once you’ve completed one or both, you could do them again, or move onto VIGOR Everyday Athlete or VIGOR Strength Athlete.

To move onto a new team, see the question before this one.

To restart Athlete In Training, follow these steps:

  1. Open your app
  2. Click on your initials in the lower right
  3. Click on the settings icon in the upper right
  4. Click on teams and programs
  5. Change the start date for Athlete In Training to whatever you’d like to set Day 1 as and save it
  6. Go back to your training calendar and pull down to refresh your app. You’ll now see Day 1 of Athlete In Training on the date you selected

Equipment / Exercise Alternates


I don’t have the equipment for a particular exercise. How can I get a recommended alternative?

Post your question in the VIGOR Training Facebook Group and I’ll answer it there.


How do I access my VIGOR Training Affiiliate area?

If you already have a VIGOR Training affiliate account, you can login to the affiliate area here.

How can I update my credit card on file?

I do not store credit card information on my site.

To update your card,send me an email and I’ll send a secure link to update your card in the next 24 hours.


I need to quit. How do I cancel my membership?

I hate to see members leave, but if it’s no longer possible to train, or you’ve moved onto some other means of maintaining health and fitness, click the link below and complete the form. Your membership will be canceled in the next 48 hours.