You want health, fitness, energy, strength, and confidence. But you feel lost, frustrated, exhausted, confused, and afraid. VIGORESS helps you overcome how you feel, so you find your way to fit.


Here’s what I know…

You don’t have time or money to waste on a(nother) program that won’t work.

You are willing to work hard if you know the work will be worth it.

You want to feel strong, confident, and energetic…like an athlete…ready to conquer whatever your personal, professional, and social life throws at you.

You’re capable of so much more…physically, emotionally, and mentally.

You just need the right training to push you toward your potential. You need the right team to help you know you’re not alone.

Your training is called VIGORESS. And you have four teams waiting for you to join in.

Don’t wait any longer. JOIN RIGHT NOW.

1 MEMBERSHIP. 3 Training tracks. 1 COMMUNITY.

When you join VIGORESS, you have access to four different teams, all of the time. Most athletes start as an “Athlete-in-Training,” and work their way up to more intense teams. Those who’ve had plenty of training experience might join VIGOR(ESS) Strength Athlete or VIGOR(ESS) Competitive Athlete right away. The choice is always yours, and you can move from one team to the next whenever you’d like to.


VIGOR(ESS) Athlete-in-Training (VAT): Phases 1 & 2 create a 12-24 month program focused on fundamental movements and building a solid base of strength. If you’ve been out of the gym for at least a couple of years, or never trained before, you’ll start here.

Training is 4 days per week.

VIGOR(ESS) Everyday Athlete (VEA): Looking to lose weight, improve your perform better in your everyday life, or focused just on longevity? This will be your main team. VEA is also a great place to go after completing VAT.

Training is 4 days per week.

VIGOR(ESS) Strength Athlete (VSA): A strong body develops a strong mind. VSA builds muscle, strength, discipline, and mental fortitude. And helps you look like an athlete when on the beach or dressed in your Sunday best.

Training is 4-5 days per week.



I have really enjoyed the VIGORESS program. As a wellness professional and coach myself, you’d think I would workout all on my own. The truth is, after I had my daughter, I needed some direction, accountability and education. VIGORESS is a program I knew I could trust and best of all…see results. There are so many online platforms to choose from these days and it can be confusing. VIGORESS is female friendly and is for all ability levels. I can’t recommend it enough.

I love how the workouts are challenging and varied. I can access them easily on my phone and knowing the entire week helps me plan better. This mom, career woman and coach appreciates how organized and user the friendly each workout is. If you don’t know a movement is, there is a video right there to watch to gain a clear understanding of how to perform it properly. I mean, it is a full service program!

What I’ve lost: Body fat and inches

What I’ve gained: More confidence, education, strength, muscle tone, and accountability


I worked for Life Time for 18 years and had the opportunity to sit next to Tom. I found out quickly how much knowledge he has with regards to health, fitness, mind, etc…I knew I could ask him anything and he would have some bit of knowledge to share. It was so great!

In May, I purchased Tom’s booklet on KETO and on June 18th, I started on the KETO eating plan. I also signed up with Tom for VIGORESS shortly after that.
To say I really like his workouts, is an understatement.


I can do it on my own time and pace, and I am seeing great results. Tom is extremely helpful and quick to respond on Facebook to any questions people from this amazing VIGORESS group have.


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