Tom Nikkola | Your Freebie Is On Its WayThanks for requesting your freebie! It’s coming…BUT, I’m a law-abiding citizen.

Before I can email you the link to your freebie, you have to confirm that it’s okay for me to send you an email.’re going to get an email, which asks if it’s okay for me to send you an email. Once you click on it to say it’s okay, then I can send you the link to your freebie. Whew!

In the meantime, the email delivery team has been training hard, sprinting, doing burpees, power cleans, renegade rows, lunges, handstand push-ups, and barbell curls (I know what you’re thinking…but at least they weren’t doing the curls in the squat rack), just so they could deliver your freebie as fast as possible.

It should show up in your email inbox shortly.

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