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I’m a no-nonsense, rational-minded strength and conditioning coach, not a fad-touting celebrity trainer.

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The 3 Pillars of Vigor will show you:

  • Why building and maintaining muscle is the most crucial factor in life-long health, fitness, and longevity, and how it directly affects your career, family, community, and culture
  • How taking 100% responsibility for your health can empower you to make lasting changes and experience the benefits of a vibrant, energetic life
  • How the three synergistic habits, or the 3 Pillars, not only support muscle growth and maintenance but also significantly improve other aspects of your health, such as blood sugar management, cardiovascular health, hormone balance, and mental wellbeing

This book is not for those seeking complicated rules or fad diets. Instead, it is for busy people who desire to live with exceptional health without sacrificing time and energy. While some of the information may seem familiar, the unique approach of combining the 3 Pillars and making them the foundation of your health will feel fresh, innovative, and astonishingly obvious once you grasp their true potential.