Building better bodies since 2001.

One-on-one personal training, online training, and distance coaching.

Work with Me

If you will do the work, I’ll help you get stronger, leaner, and healthier, faster than you imagine possible. I bring my 20+ years of education, experience, and personal experimentation into everything I offer.

Start with one of my virtual training options, or contact me if you need something more personalized.

Each program includes:

  • Periodized training delivered through easy to use app with exercise videos and ability to track sets, reps, and cardio/conditioning performance
  • Direct messaging with me for support
  • Supplement guidance and recommendations
  • Optional ability to track nutrition and lifestyle habits and diet details / macronutrients
  • Optional syncing with Apple watch and other fitness devices

VIGOR Training
(Men’s Program)

Maximize strength and muscle mass. Especially for middle-aged and older men, though younger men get great results here.

  • Primary goals: Muscle growth, strength, and power, while steadily improving body composition and mobility.
  • Frequency: 4 days per week designed with split routines to focus on specific muscle groups or movement patterns.
  • Time commitment: 50-70 minutes per session.


(Women’s Program)

Get and stay lean and strong. Specially-designed for most middle-aged women looking to look, feel, and function at their best ever.

  • Primary goals: Improved body composition and conditioning while maintaining muscle and strength.
  • Frequency: 4 days per week designed with full-body workouts or split routines depending on the training block and time of year.
  • Time commitment: About an hour.


(Beginner’s Program)

This 12-week program is perfect for those who’ve never strength trained consistently or who have been out of the gym for years.

  • Open to men and women
  • Budget-friendly, flexible, and extremely effective
  • Must be disciplined enough to get to the gym

$39 for 12 weeks

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