I look for dots. Dots in fitness. Dots in nutrition. Dots in politics. Dots in life. Then, I try to connect those dots.

Sometimes, I write and talk about those connected dots.

I also train my clients based on the dots I’ve connected over the past two decades.


I’m a cancer survivor and former fat kid…

I had leukemia when I was five years old. After treatment at the Mayo Clinic, and 14 years of follow up, my doctors said I was cured. In fact, my risk of cancer is no different from someone who’s never had it.

My exposure to the doctors throughout my childhood peaked my interest in health. Being an adolescent fat kid peaked my interest in fitness.

I took the fascination from my childhood and made a career from it.

I graduated with a pre-Med biology degree from the College of St. Scholastica in 1999 and began my fitness career with Life Time on October 1, 2001.  It’s almost 20 years later, and I’ve helpd many different roles with Life Time, including running the company’s weight loss, nutrition, lab testing, metabolic testing, fitness device and supplement businesses, and formulating and designing nutritional supplements.

I’ve also delivered hundreds of educational webinars, and wrote hundreds more articles and a couple of ebooks on fitness, nutrition, and supplementation.

I’m married to a beautiful, talented woman named Vanessa. She built a massive blog and then a network marketing business. I also build an online training business called VIGOR Training, so we have a couple of other businesses of our own.

I’m also a…

I’m also a husband, father, grandfather, Christian, and conservative.

I rely on facts over feelings.