I’m a “sometimes” opinionated health and fitness fanatic, and student of personal growth and leadership.

I am not an expert. I’ve been called an expert in the past, but I actually hate that word.

Being an expert suggests you have it all figured out.

I’ve got fifteen years of experience in health and fitness, have written hundreds of articles and delivered hundreds of lectures and webinars. I’ve read a similar number of research papers.

Every year, I learn a little more, and realize that what I thought I knew in the past wasn’t quite right.

I have a relentless pursuit to learn more and try out what I learn. Then I can share the knowledge and experience with others. You can read some of my latest health and fitness articles on my blog.

I know that I’m not always right. But each year, I’m less wrong than I was the year before.

I’m a consultant, writer, educator, entrepreneur, and network marketing professional.

After a very successful career at Life Time Fitness, where I ran the company’s lab testing, metabolic testing, dietitian services, weight loss programs, fitness device, and nutritional supplement programs (and designed the company’s supplements), I joined my wife Vanessa Romero in our two businesses, Healthy Living How To, and Healthy Living With Essential Oils.

As these business have grown, I continued to feel called back to the fitness professional world. I have a special interest, passion, or a calling, you might say, to help fitness professionals build financially successful and fulfilling careers.

The best part is that it’s allowed me to do some of the other stuff I love to do, without needing to see it as “work.”

I love to write, educate, and even do some public speaking. Vanessa and I have each had some valuable experiences and knowledge we love to share with others. Blogging, writing, and speaking allows us to do that.

We also love working with our network marketing team, and are always looking for driven, persevering people to join our team.

Finally, I do some consulting with select fitness companies and individuals. I help them create a more powerful brand through aligning their philosophy with their products, services and education. The end result is a better reputation, and increased revenues.

I believe...

Emotional health, and your beliefs are the major factor in whether you grow, develop, play all-out, and achieve success, or you shrink, get sick, play small, and fall short.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to improve his or her health, relationships, finances, and career path.

Most people don’t realize how simple a better life actually is, and get pulled away from their potential by the people they hang around with, and the stuff they listen to and read.

Each of us has unique gifts and talents we were given to use and to develop. When they go unused or underused, they rob the world of what we can offer, and we rob ourselves of the joy and fulfillment we could feel.

I can guide you with information, insights, and some entertainment. Then it’s on you to do something with what you’ve learned.

Life is about growth, and growth is about challenging your beliefs, admitting you could be wrong, and constantly asking questions about how things could be better for you and those around you.

I enjoy...

Reading personal development books, Ted Dekker fiction books, writing, downhill skiing, playing golf, working out, travel, going for walks with my wife, playing with our dog Gizmo, having mature conversations with our sons, spending time with my parents and father-in-law, watching Designated Survivor, Game of Thrones, Billions, and all superhero movies.


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