I am a cancer survivor and former fat kid who’s incredibly passionate about the pursuit of optimal health.

After hanging up my ski jumping skis and graduating with 61 other classmates in the small town of Ely, Minnesota, I went on to graduate with a pre-Med biology degree from the College of St. Scholastica.

Not long after graduating, I took a personal trainer position at the Woodbury Life Time, and for the next 13 years, worked my way up through various fitness roles to Senior Director of Nutrition and Weight Management.

I ran the company’s weight loss, nutrition, lab testing, metabolic testing, fitness device and supplement businesses, formulated and designed nutritional supplements, delivered hundreds of educational webinars, and wrote hundreds more articles and a couple of ebooks on fitness, nutrition, and supplementation.

I joined Thorne Research as Vice President of Business development for a year, went back to Life Time for a short stint, and then joined my wife, Vanessa, in our health and wellness business.

While I was working in corporate life, she built a thriving blog and network marketing business. Together, we get to continue our passion for leading others to better health through our knowledge, experience, writing, and products we promote.

We live in a high rise apartment building in downtown Minneapolis.

From a nutrition standpoint, I love helping people understand how simple it is to reclaim their health and fitness, and how important it is to build and maintain muscle and mobility throughout their lives.

Of all of the areas I’ve written and lectured on, the most exciting and impactful are the importance of dietary protein, hormone balance, weight training, and the manipulation of carbs and fat.

Yet, I’m amazed and delighted by the almost limitless nutrients, botanicals, compounds and chemicals that get discovered and researched each year.

As much as we think we know about nutrition today, I’m certain in 10 years we’ll look back and realize we knew almost nothing. That’s the fun in all of this. It’s ever-changing, ever-evolving, just as we are as growing adults. It fits perfect with my mission:


I also…

…write about manhood, business and leadership, and personal growth.

Not the cheesy pie-in-the-sky, you-can-have-whatever-you-think about personal growth stuff. The real stuff that matters in in today’s world, where people have become overly self-centered, entitled, and act as though every inconvenience is a major struggle.