Tom Nikkola

I help you get healthy and fit without your life revolving around health and fitness.

Most personal trainers and nutrition coaches live lives revolved around health and fitness. As a result, they have a hard time relating to their clients, who have family responsibilities, career obligations, and numerous other interest outside of eating and exercising.

My goal is to help people get as fit as possible with as little time and attention on fitness as necessary.

That’s how I’ve designed my training programs and how I approach my nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

My Background

After graduating from The College of St. Scholastica, in Duluth, MN, with a pre-med biology degree, I started personal training on October 1, 2001. That means I’m approaching 20 years as a fitness professional.

For many of those years, I worked with one of the top health club companies in the United States, growing into Senior Director and Vice President roles where I ran the company’s nutrition, lab testing, weight loss, nutritional product, fitness device, and online training businesses.

I left and returned a few times as things changed for my wife and I. She built a booming business of her own as a blogger and a leader for Young Living Essential Oils.

Though I loved working for the company, it made more sense for us to work together, from home.

Working from home and being self-employed also makes it easier to spend quality time with our grandson, who we’re helping to raise.

Thinking of his future, and what’s going on in our culture occasionally leads to a non-fitness-related blog post as well.

Grandma Vanessa, Grandpa Tom, Grandson Asher, and Gizmo

My Beliefs

I’m a Christian, conservative, and country music-lover who voted for President Trump. I believe in the value of hard work, discipline, honest, and empathy.

I also believe we all could use a little more suckituptitude and less victimhood. That’s the case in the gym as well as in the “real world.”

From a fitness stand point, I believe the three habits that do more for your health than any others (covered in my First 3 Habits of VIGOR(ESS) Health ebook) are to:

  1. Strength train at least four days per week
  2. Eat a high-protein diet
  3. Sleep at least seven hours every night

Though I cover other aspects of nutrition, exercise, and supplementation on my blog, the three habits above trump all the others. From a supplement standpoint, I almost always start people with The Foundational 5.

My Business

If you’re still with me, I have more than a blog full of articles to offer.

VIGOR Training

VIGOR Training is my suite of workout programs, delivered in a team format, where you train “alongside” hundreds of other everyday athletes across the country. You just show up at your gym, open your app, and follow the workout for the day.

Learn more about VIGOR Training here.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Sometimes people need more than basic guidelines. They need personalized coaching to tweak their workout, diet, or supplement program, or they need extra accountability.

I have options for a single session if that’s all you need, or multi-session packages. All sessions are completed over the phone and include a follow-up summary and recommendations from our session.

Learn more about Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching options here.

My Supplement Dispensary

To make it convenient and more affordable for my clients, set up a Wellevate account through my Wellevate dispensary.

With your Wellevate account, you get…

  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • My 15% discount on all products through the dispensary
  • Access to more than 300 brands, including the top practitioner brands I recommend

Plus, I can send you goal-specific supplement protocols. Simply email me and I’ll send you the appropriate protocol.

Set up your Wellevate account here.

Still curious?

Here are a few other things you might not know about me:

  • I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was five years old, and was treated at the Mayo Clinic
  • I was a fat kid with a nickname of CP (Chubby & Porky). I finally lost the weight at about age 17
  • I ski jumped through high school (which was the motivation to drop the fat kid body)
  • We (currently) live in the city, but I love being in the woods.
  • I’m allergic to beef, but eat a ton of bison.
  • Vanessa and I play SEQUENCE every morning while we drink our coffee.