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Email 1: Welcome Email

Your first email is your welcome email, which includes your instructions for setting up your app. Follow the instructions step-by-step and you’ll have your training plan loaded in no time.

Email 2: 28 Days Ebook

Five minutes after the first email is sent, you’ll get a second email with the instructions for your free ebook.

28 Days isn’t a required nutrition plan, but it’s a great way to fast-track your results and get your nutrition working well with the training plan.

Other Assistance

In addition to the training plan and ebook, the Facebook group and this site have a lot of other educational resources. If you can’t find an answer to something, post it in the Facebook group. I check in at least once a day to respond to questions. 

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Jeremiah McLean’s Success Story

VIGOR Training Success Story I’ve gone from being morbidly obese and out of shape to being the lightest I’ve been in 20 years and the strongest I’ve ever been. My family is so happy and proud of me, which also makes me feel great. I really am thriving and living my...

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