The Two Ways We Will End the COVID Charade

This will be my last COVID-related blog post for a while. I’m sick of writing about it. As I looked back at my blog posts from these past couple of years, I think I’ve said all that needs saying about why the term scamdemic is more appropriate than pandemic. I’m more than ready to get back to writing about health and fitness.

I’m certainly not alone in my desire to move on, nor in my awareness that we’re being played by puppets more than being cared for by civil servants. Most people now wonder, “When will this be over?”

It can be over quickly, in one of two ways.

One requires men and women to act like critically-thinking, unwavering, nonnegotiable adults. The other could come through more lies and deception in an attempt to salvage the reputation of the worst President in American history.

First, I’ll address what won’t work to end the charade, and then what will. 

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What Won’t Work

It’s easy to see what won’t work to end this nonsense. Just replay the recommendations touted by Mainstream Media from the past two years, and you’ll be well-versed in the anti-solution to the global pandemic. Or, watch some of the 2020 Presidential addresses or Jen Psaki press conferences.

Those who knew how to end the threat of COVID-19 quickly were censored or silenced. Those who knew how to prolong it to generate maximum profits for big companies and decimate small ones were given the mic to keep things going.

Getting everyone vaccinated

Remember when a single shot was going to solve the “global pandemic?” While I doubted that would be the case, many believed it. 

Once people got the first jab, it wasn’t that hard to convince them of another. We’re now onto shot number four, even though the data shows that the vaccines don’t work against Omicron at all, and don’t do much for the other variants.

And yet, people excitedly get in line for the next round of booster shots. Too bad they won’t line up for gym memberships with the same enthusiasm. Getting fit and healthy would do a lot more to protect them from COVID-19 than a jab in the arm will.

Vaccine-derived immunity doesn’t last like natural immunity does. The vaccines don’t keep people from getting COVID, nor passing it along to others, even though our Liar in Chief said that they do.

Many probably don’t remember when Biden stated that “you can’t get COVID” if you’ve been vaccinated, and then just a couple of days later, beloved and double-vaccinated Colin Powell died of COVID complications. Numerous others have as well.

Even if there were no side effects, and everyone got the vaccines, they don’t work well enough to stop the spread or prevent infection.

If your hope for the end is in vaccination, you’ll never be done with it.

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Sharing facts, data, and real science

Since the middle of 2020, we’ve had access to data that showed that COVID wasn’t the threat that we were told it would be.

We had access to the findings from frontline doctors who treated infected patients early with generic and low-cost drugs, rarely, if ever, losing one of them. 

Meanwhile, doctors who followed the advice of Dr Fauci, BigPharma, and their hospital sent people home without treatment. They had them return when they’d developed severe symptoms where many later died while receiving treatments that often made things worse. The science of the successful doctors was often ridiculed or silenced so doctors used more of the ineffective and expensive treatments instead, and so the public would remain in the dark about what’s going on.

Once the vaccines became available, they were hailed as miracles by both Trump and Biden, but the doctors who understood what they were raised concerns about their safety. Again, they were criticized and canceled.

If the vaccines were harmless, and helped stop COVID just a little, you could justify their mass use. If they cause harm, it would be madness to recommend them. So, logically, if the data shows that they’re not very effective, and they do cause significant side effects, even in a small percentage of the population, people will stop getting them or recommending them, right? Wrong!

That’s not how the human mind works. 

The data is there. Multiple studies already show the vaccines do almost nothing for protecting people from Omicron and don’t slow the spread of COVID, nor keep people from getting it or ending up in a hospital. 

And yet, so many people don’t want to look at the facts. The facts would force them to change their beliefs. To admit they were wrong. 

That rarely happens outside of a tragedy, such as the death of a loved one after they get the vaccine. 

That’s the worst way in the world to wake up to reality. Unfortunately, until something like that happens, many people dismiss the reality of vaccine adverse events.

And even when vaccinated friends and family members get COVID, people keep getting vaccinated, thinking it provides some sort of fictitious protection.

All the while, treatments have been available to take care of people from the moment they develop symptoms. Silenced and censored doctors across the world rarely lost patients with simple and cheap treatments, while doctors in large healthcare systems repeatedly lost people while using expensive and ineffective options.

Sharing the data doesn’t work because people won’t take the time to read it or understand it. They’d rather have a mainstream media moron tell them what to think, which is inconsistent with what the data and science suggest is the truth.

As you might have noticed, the more you try to press upon people the facts, the more they dig in their heels and look for ways to justify their false beliefs. Or, they just choose to ignore it because it requires mental effort to do anything else.

If you’re among the minority of people willing to learn the truth, I can’t encourage you enough to read or listen to the book The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy.

Keep in mind, though, that most people won’t listen to or accept the mountain of facts and data the book contains.

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Masking up

Remember when Anthony Fauci said masks didn’t work against COVID? That hasn’t changed even though his talking points have. 

You can find droves of data showing how masks won’t protect people from catching or spreading COVID. 

And yet, we are still encouraged to wear them if we want to get into some public spaces, ride on a plane, or ridiculously enough, teach group exercise classes in some gyms.

So why do people keep wearing them on their faces like Linus carrying his blanket? A false sense of security and an unending reprieve from their fear.

They see people in masks, which reinforces their fears. They wear the masks to quell their fears but the whole time they’re breathing through it, it reminds them that they’re trying to hide from a virus they cannot escape from.

No, wearing a mask won’t bring the charade to a conclusion. Wearing a mask with a face shield and rubber gloves won’t either. Though it does look pretty funny.

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What Will End the COVID Charade

We have two options to end this. One requires thinking and acting like an adult. The other requires no thought, and simply acting like a puppet. I’ll cover the latter first.

Option 1: Biden Will Declare That He Conquered COVID

The 46th President is beyond a disaster. His entire administration is a joke. And right now, most of America sees it and would love to get them all out.

But most people have short memories. Especially when it comes to politics.

If Biden were to get on the fake set of his fake White House and give one of his fake addresses to the fake reporters, he could just say:

“I did it just as I promised I would. We beat COVID. The pandemic is over. We can now go back to normal.”

People would celebrate and they’d remember only those words from the President, forgetting every lie he told. Forgetting every mistake he made. And moving on with their lives, forgetting the damage he did to the people he serves, including all those who have lifelong health problems from the vaccines he pushed so hard.

However, to give himself the best chance of reelection, he’s going to need to spin the charade into his success story if he, or any other Democrat, has a shot at the next presidential term.

Option 2: Americans Will Stop Playing Along

The only winning move we can make is to stop playing the game. Completely.

Unfortunately, it’s clear that only a small percentage of people are willing to do that.

I know people who believe the masks are useless, that they’re doing psychological harm to kids, that they cause respiratory problems and compromise mental function. And still, they put them on so they can fly on a plane, attend a sporting event, or go to their favorite restaurant or amusement park. 

They comply out of convenience.

In doing so, they help mask-mandating companies make money which further supports their mask mandates. They compromise their values and add unnecessary mental stress by living outside of integrity. They show their friends that it’s ok to just play along. And they show the government that people will compromise on their beliefs for convenience and entertainment. 

I will not wear a mask and won’t get a vaccine. Does that make things less convenient? Sure. Will I miss out on some stuff? Yes.

For example, prior to COVID, I went to a men’s event twice per year. The event changed locations across the country, so I usually flew to it. The next one is in February in Alabama. While I’d love to attend, I will not fly as I will not wear a mask, and I don’t want to drive because we’re driving to Florida the following month.

Here’s the issue. Many people would tell me, “Just keep food in your mouth so you can keep your mask down.” Others would say, “Put on a fake mask so you can breathe normally.” Still other would say, “It’s only for a few hours. It’s no big deal.”

In each scenario, I would be playing into the charade and financially supporting an industry (the airlines) that keeps the charade going.

I will take the less convenient route because I refuse to go along with any of this anti-science, anti-American, anti-freedom, globalist, corrupt charade.

After two years, it’s time we move on from this unending game and get back to life as normal. The COVID scam will end eventually. The question is, who will make it so?

Will it be “We the people,” whom the government is supposed to serve? Or, will it be the government, who keeps trying to make us its servants? I intend to act as a citizen, not a servant.

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