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4 Poisonous Type of People to Stay Away From | Tom Nikkola

Limit Your Exposure to These 4 Types of Toxic People

A relationship with a toxic person is kind of like drinking anti-freeze. If you don’t know what you’re drinking, you might mistake it as healthy and sweet. But if you understand what you’re drinking, you’ll realize it’s poisonous. You might believe you have a good, healthy relationship. But it’s because … Keep reading…

5 Success Traits of Weight Training | Tom Nikkola

5 Success Traits You Develop Through Weight Training

In virtually every aspect of life, a small percentage of people thrive, most get by, and some barely survive. Rarely, is the difference a result of environment or luck. Instead, the difference is in the mindset of those who thrive and those who do not. For example, weight loss for … Keep reading…

How to Use Critical Thinking with Essential Oils Cynics | Tom Nikkola

How to Use Critical Thinking with Essential Oils Cynics

Unless you’ve been living without internet, you know essential oils have exploded in popularity. Though millions love their oils, there are still some cynics or skeptics. Vanessa and I get a message from someone almost weekly, wondering about our thoughts on a new post, from someone hellbent on scaring people … Keep reading…

Essential Oils - What Happened To The Hype Tom Nikkola

Essential Oils: What Happened To The Hype?

A few years ago, essential oil posts seemed to be all over the internet. Pinterest boards, news feeds, and blogs were filled with claims about the use of essential oils. What happened to the hype?