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The VKTM Virus: What You Need to Know | Tom Nikkola

The VKTM Virus: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Prevention

What is the VKTM virus? What are the symptoms? Can you prevent VKTM? Is there a cure? Here are the main things you need to know about this virus. Description: The VKTM virus is a curable “disease” that affects a significant number of people. The virus acts on individuals’ minds … Keep reading…

5 Lessons From 15 Years In Fitness | Tom Nikkola

5 Lessons From 15 Years in Fitness

October 1, 2001. That was when my career officially started at The Woodbury Life Time Fitness (thanks Dan Kelly). I had a pre-med biology degree from St. Scholastica, most of which actually focused on exercise physiology. Soon after, I got certified through ACE and NASM, and then got my Certified … Keep reading…