The essentials for a rock-solid base of nutrition. Train hard. Recover fast.

You can conveniently order most of the supplements I recommend from one of two sources: Wellevate and Young Living.

Wellevate Dispensary

With more than 300 brands, and thousands of professional-quality products, you’ll find what you need through my Wellevate dispensary. Get 15% off all orders and free shipping on orders over $49.

Wellevate Advantages

  • Exclusive VIP/client/member pricing – 15% off all products in dispensary
  • Ability for me to send you personalized product recommendations
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Access to more than 300 brands of natural products, including most of the healthcare practitioner brands

Young Living Essential Oils

Since 1994, Young Living has set the standard in essential oils. I use and recommend them for mental and physical health, as well as sports performance. Need to set up an account? Click the button below.

Young Living Advantages

Start using the essential oils that’s set the standard in the world of essential oils since 1994. Enroll as a Wholesale Member with a 100 PV order and you’ll get:

  • 24% wholesale¬†discount on all future orders, as long as your membership is activ
  • Essential Rewards, an optional, monthly program where you earn 10%, 20%, and even 25% back on orders
  • Access to our private¬†community of more than 10,000 members, who share testimonials and personal uses to help you and your clients.
  • Access to our private webinars and Facebook Live educational videos on health, fitness, and performance topics, as well as education on Young Living product
  • A copy of our favorite resource guide as a gift after you enroll

The Foundational Five

High-Quality Multivitamin

Thorne Multi-vitamin Elite AM PM Box and Bottles

Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite

Young Living Master Formula Box

Young Living Master Formula