It would be awesome if you could all the supplements you need from one source, but that's not possible. You can, however, limit your supplement shopping to three sources: Young Living, Thorne, and Emerson Wellevate.

Thorne Hemp Oil Tom Nikkola

For more than 30 years, Thorne has led the nutritional products industry for with their standards for purity, efficacy, and quality. Their third-party testing, outside certifications, including TGA certification, and US Olympic Committee partnerships are just part of what sets Thorne apart.

Whenever I need or recommend something Young Living doesn't offer, I first look to Thorne, knowing they never compromise on product quality.

Set up a Thorne account using the button below, which is my practitioner account, and you'll also get 15% off and free shipping on orders over $99.

CogiMag Pure Encapsulations Tom Nikkola

Emerson is a distributor for more than 300 healthcare practitioner brands, including Thorne.

While I prefer ordering my Thorne products straight from Thorne, and can often get new products well ahead of when they're available from Wellevate, I do recommend some products that both Young Living and Thorne don't make.

Like your Thorne account, you get 15% off when you set up an account using the button below. One other note: Emerson only ships in the United States, so if you'd like Thorne products and live in another country, set up a Thorne account above. 

Young Living Distributor Logo Tom Nikkola
Young Living Premium Starter Kit | Tom Nikkola

Young Living didn't become the World Leader in Essential Oils by accident. The late Gary Young pioneered the essential oils movement, launching Young Living in 1994 and setting the global standard for essential oil quality, efficacy, purity, and testing. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't use essential oils and oil-infused products for mental clarity, pre-workout energy, digestive health, and a whole lot more.

If you still haven't gotten started  with essential oils, contact me, or get start today with by ordering a Premium Starter Kit with the button below. Not only will you receive the best essential oils on the planet, but you'll also be part of our team. You'll get a ton of support and knowledge from Vanessa and I, as well as the thousands of other members on our team.